Joseah Rosales               Michael Plansky              Sharif Rosales-Webb


Joseah and Michael both attended Palo Alto High School where they first met. Joseah went on to complete his undergrad degree at UC Berkeley and Michael at UC Irvine. Despite the geographical separation a lasting bond was formed around outdoor sports that followed the cycles of water (snowboarding & ocean sports).  In the 80s and 90s they took for granted the deep winter snowpacks of the Sierra Nevada that provided lift-serviced playgrounds like an endless wave. Today it is clear that this 'endless wave' is but a fantasy unless we can make a paradigm shift in how we use our water resources with severe drought and contentious water rights issues at our doorstep. Population growth and expansion of industry demands immense amounts of water measured in acre-feet. Joseah and Michael are combining their experience and expertise to target water saving strategies where homeowners can feel empowered to do their part to conserve this precious resource without without sacrificing the personal benefits of their landscapes.

Joseah and his brother Sharif are trained/certified greywater system installers. Joseah is applying his interpersonal skills and MBA credentials to realizing a vision of water resource independence. Michael and Sharif bring their aesthetic sensibilities honed from Masters degree programs in landscape architecture and interior design, respectively. Both have extensive hands-on experience with landscape design/build projects that incorporate permaculture and natural building principles with respect to site and climate.