When water falls on land it takes the path of least resistance. Instead of treating the 'excess' water from rain events on your property as a nuisance by quickly diverting flows into pipes and gutters, which concentrates pollutants, we look for opportunities to adopt the tried and true principles of permaculture into our landscape design process. We take a holistic approach to reshaping your landscape that follows the mantra: SLOW, SINK & SPREAD. Subtle earthworks strategies utilizing micro-swales, berms and natural mulches can maximize the benefit your plants receive from each rainfall and the storage of 'excess' water that slowly percolates into the ground below allowing your plants' roots to stretch for moisture when they need it during dry months. Rain Gardens can be well integrated with greywater and and roof capture systems to help achieve your long term water resource independence. Our expertise in choosing the right plants in the right place for your Rain Garden by soil type, slope, solar aspect and personal preferences will help ensure its success over time.