Laundry To Landscape



This simple system is the quickest and least expensive way to get your Grey Water to your landscape.  Your wash machine water is piped directly to strategically placed mulch basins in the landscape.  The mulch basins serve as impurity filters and surge flow absorbers.  


Branched Drain



These systems take water from your Shower and/or Bath drain fixtures and divert the Grey Water directly to mulch basins in the landscape.  Branched Drain systems rely on gravity for water flow and are thus more intricate than Laundry to Landscape systems.  Branched Drain Systems will supply plenty of Grey Water to your landscape

Rain Water Catchment


Catch rain water from your roof in the wet months to use as irrigation during the dry months.  These systems will ensure that you will have water on hand year round for your irrigation needs.  

Constructed Wetlands


For those homes on a septic tank system.  Clean this water with marsh plants and use for irrigation.  


Rain Gardens 


A rain garden is a shallow depression that is planted with deep-rooted native plants and grasses. The garden should be positioned near a runoff source like a downspout, driveway or sump pump to capture rainwater runoff and stop the water from reaching the sewer system.

Landscape Design

Contact us about our landscape design philosophy that employs Grey Water as a pivotal component.